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My Dc Reboot Justice Legacy by jsenior My Dc Reboot Justice Legacy by jsenior

Basically, this is a slightly altered version of the Earth 12/Batman Beyond Universe, where I wanted most members of the league to kinda tackle a different societal issue or problem. Anyway, here’s the background of the Universe and some badly written origins by me:


In the near future, the seven lantern corps began to wage war to prove themselves to be the superior emotion. Eventually, the superhero community realised that this would not stop until each corps’ central power battery was destroyed, so that’s what they did. They split into groups and destroyed each central power battery and corps’ homeworld, even Oa, so that the battery couldn’t be rebuilt.

 After this battle the earth’s human and metahuman populations were crippled, the Atlanteans and Amazons were wiped out, and with the deaths of the superman family and Martian Manhunter, the Kryptonians and the Martians were rendered extinct. Without any heroes, the corrupt officials and governments were no longer monitored or challenged so effectively began to rule the planet, until a team of new heroes rose up to defeat the threats of the earth…


Batman (Terry McGinnis)

Basically the same origin as normal, but since Bruce Wayne is technically dead at this point, the batsuit is just stolen army tech adapted to Terry’s needs. Also, in this universe Terry is an adult.


Wonder Woman (Minerva Baret)

Minerva Baret was an archeologist who was fascinated with the Amazons of Themyscira. She eventually suggested an expedition to the island but was ignored because of her being a woman by the all-male archeology team she worked with. Frustrated by their discrimination, she set off to explore Paradise Island herself. Whilst exploring the ruins, she discovered a suit of golden armour containing all of Wonder Woman’s god gifted abilities. She then received a message from Hera, telling her she was destined to be Queen of the Amazons and restore their species by retrieving their souls from Hades. Minerva balances this quest with fighting intolerance and discrimination in all their forms.


The Flash (John Fox)

John Fox was a government agent who was the first to be drafted into the KRYPTON program, designed to recreate Superman’s abilities in soldiers. The experiment was a failure, exploding halfway through and leaving John badly injured. After his wounds healed in a matter of minutes, John realized he had developed powers similar to the Flash. When he returned to work the following day, he discovered that project KRYPTON was still continuing despite his accident. Angered by the disregard of human life, John quit his job and created the identity of the Flash to fight corruption in governments around the world.


The Wonder Twins (Zan and Jayna)

Zan and Jayna’s parents were scientists on their home planet of Exxor, working mainly in the rainforests and studying the global health of the planet. Exxor had experienced a large economic boom and with that came an increase in factories and farming and their parents were worried about the side effects this was having on the planet and its resources. Then one day a huge meteor struck the planet, luckily the Exxorians had predicted this and had built bunkers, so nearly all the people survived. Unfortunately, due to the large scale depletion of the planet’s resources, plus the devastation of the factories caused by the meteor, the people barely had enough food and power for everyone to survive. With this shortage came wars and other atrocities and the species’ destruction was assured.

By this time, Zan and Jayna were adults and their parents had long since passed on. They elected to leave Exxor in a ship and make sure this never happened again. The first planet they found to save was Earth. Although they arrived further into Earth’s self-destruction than they would’ve liked, they vowed to try and help the people anyway.


White Lantern (Charity Deane)

Astronaut Charity Deane was piloting her shuttle over the Earth when a bright, white light caught her eye. She followed it with her ship, until a huge wormhole appeared in front of her. The ship was sucked in and thrown out into what seemed to be the centre of an asteroid belt (actually the remains of Oa). Charity heard a voice from inside her ship and turned to see a small blue man (Ganthet) holding a pure white lantern. He explained the emotional spectrum to her and how each power battery had been destroyed. Luckily, he had separated a small portion of each entity that resides in the lanterns and had fused them into one single being, named The Entity. Ganthet then entrusted Charity with the first White Lantern ring and told her to use it wisely. Unknown to Charity, she had actually been chosen to be tested by Ganthet to see if the universe (and the future lanterns themselves) were ready for a Lantern Corps again and that no one will abuse their power.

Charity returns to earth and becomes the hero White Lantern.


Aquaman (Franklin Parks)

When the first mutants appeared they were shunned and discriminated by everyone around them, this led them to form a community and settle down on an unused manmade island created to dump waste, here they remained for years, still discriminated and hated, but safe from direct harm…or so they thought. A huge group of extremist mutant haters hijacked a military base and bombarded the island with destructive weapons. A number of the mutants died that day, but thankfully about half survived. These mutants decided to become nomadic, realising that it would be too dangerous to stay in one place for any longer than a day. One mutant, a scaled, amphibious man known as Franklin Parks, told his people that they should stay where they were and fight their agressors and demand not to be oppressed, but the leader of the mutants told Franklin that they feared if they did they would be further demonized and hated even more. Franklin respected his peoples’ wishes, but elected to stay and fight for mutant liberties, since he’d be the only one in danger. He created a heroic identity for himself and became Aquaman.


Oracle (Max Gibson)

Not really any changes here, except she is an adult now like Terry.
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davidblainestmagic Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2015
I love your Wonder Twin designs! They resemble the originals, but more sophisticated (and the hues of purple you used work better as well).
jsenior Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2015
Thanks! :)
MadFacedkid Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2014
Love the design of WW and the tan look, also the usage of John Fox (Flash 1 mil) and the Wonder Twins. Max as Oracle sounds like the perfect role for her since she is his tech helper.
jsenior Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2014
Thank you very much! :) Yeah, I thought that too- glad you agree :D
Twentyone21w Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2014
Maybe have the wonder twins as the DownPour and Shifter version, possibly change there hair purple in either version. 
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